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Q&A with MOTY Lois Jarvis

I've had a genius idea - create interesting blog content, but get other people to do all the work for me. The AI content game is done now I reckon, so we'll have a go at a few good old fashioned interviews with some of the Muckles. First up is Lois - 2023 MOTY (Muckle of the Year). Thanks for taking the time to do this Lois!

When did you join MCC and what brought you to the club?

I joined in Autumn 2022. I had raced time trials in the road bike category for two years previous and knew that I wanted to move to a time trial bike for the 2023 season, but I wanted a club that would help me push myself. 

I had been recommended Muckle by a friend who I raced with, explaining that the club’s approach and range of members would really suit me, as well as help push me on. 

What are some of the best things about being in MCC?

I love the camaraderie within the club; it is really special. The club is full of really talented cyclists, with different goals and aims, but everyone is so supportive and encouraging, irrespective of what you personally want to focus on. 

What sort of challenges have you faced and how have you overcome them?

I’ve actually come out of a winter where I’ve been ill three times. This obviously affects training and it’s hard to keep the motivation high when you feel like you’re being pushed back. In terms of overcoming, I think it’s important not to always look back and you’ve got to focus on where you are now and what’s ahead. The fitness always comes back. 

You won the NE TT BAR in 2023, what was that like?

This was so unexpected. I went into this season not really knowing how I would go, obviously on a new bike, which I figured would take a while to adapt to. 

What is lovely about the North East scene is how supportive everyone is, even across clubs. It was really great to race with really talented women who are keen to push themselves as well as being really happy for others. 

You were awarded the prestigious Muckle Of The Year (MOTY) award in 2023, what was that like for you?

This was such a surprise. Even now I still can’t believe it. MCC is full of super strong, incredibly talented cyclists, who are off doing pretty epic things; to win in amongst that group was crazy - but I feel totally honoured. 

The club is so supportive, irrespective of individual goals, and seeing different members being recognised for fantastic achievements at the awards night was brilliant. It’s an amazing club to be a part of! 

What’s the best bit of advice you’ve received that’s supported your cycling?

Something that has always stuck with me is if you’re not enjoying it, it won’t work. Irrespective of your goal, you have to maintain a balance - training and pushing yourself mixed with fun. Luckily, the club really supports that ethos, and we always have a laugh. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to get into racing, riding with a club, or improving their cycling 

I’d say find a club with like minded people, who support you, irrespective of individual goals. Having people in your corner really helps to keep the motivation up. 

For me, Muckle is just that. I’d really recommend the club to anyone who wants to enjoy their bike, push themselves or compete. It’s a really inclusive encouraging club. 

What are your goals for 2024?

I’d like to see if I can improve a few of my times from last year. It would be great if I could get my 10 mile time down. 

Do you have a favourite Muckle memory?

I think you can’t beat the atmosphere the club makes at a race. The camaraderie and togetherness is really special and I think whenever I’ve been in amongst club mates on a hill it’s always been super special. I can’t wait for us to smash that atmosphere out of the park at this year’s National hill climb. It’s going to be one to remember! 

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