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Muckle Road Race 

Saturday 24th July 2021
Saltwick Circuit, Northumberland

This was the first muckle road race since 2019 due to the Covid pandemic and had moved from the usual May slot on the calendar. Riders were greeted with a warm, overcast day with dry roads and a slight breeze. After the roll out, Taylor Hill attacked and managed to get a good gap from the peloton with the hosting club sending a couple of riders up the road to try and bridge. 


The sprint for 2nd up the harder than it looks Saltwick Hill was won by Adam Martin of Scott Racing with Matt Smith of Muckle CC rounding out the podium. This competes an amazing recovery by Matt who sustained a series of life changing injuries back in December 2017 after being hit by a car whilst out on his bike, and this was his first road race as he continues his comeback. Hero!!

Adam Pinder of PM Racing UK successfully managed to bridge over and working well with Taylor for a few laps kept the gap back to the bunch of around 45 seconds. The peloton couldn';t make any sustained, coordinated efforts to chase down the duo up the road and ahead of the final lap, Adam attacked Taylor and got a gap and was never seen again.


1 Adam Pinder PM racing UK

2 Adam Martin SCOTT Racing

3 Matthew Smith Muckle Cycle Club

4 Calum McVie Torvelo Racing

5 Steven Armstrong Derwentside CC

6 Rafe Williams Team Bikestop Tyrekey

7 John Russell Team Bikestop Tyrekey

8 Malachy WicksManilla Cycling

9 Taylor Hill JRC-Shutt-Ridley Race Team

10 Matthew Sutton Durham University Cycling Club

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