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Muckle Road Race - mens

Sunday 13th May 2018
Saltwick Circuit, Northumberland

The rain that had soaked the roads for the women had gone, and sunny skies greeted the men on
the start line with conditions good for a fast race. The comms dropped the flag and the race
exploded into life, within 2 laps a good-sized break had established itself with riders from Muckle,
Blumilk, ???, and ???.


This was the last that the main peloton saw of the top 3. The break were
working well together and as the major teams were represented in the break, there wasn’t any
cohesion or concerted effort to bring the break back. Hopes were high of a Muckle winner with 3
lads from the club in the break with Sam the protected rider.

The Saltwick hill is usually the deciding
factor in any race, and this was no exception. Sam went early to try and get the jump on the reduced
group but both Niall and ??? clung on and as the gradient kicked up went past Sam and it was Niall
with enough in the tank to take the win.

MCCMensRR (336 of 336).jpg

Not bad for a guy who wasn’t originally on the start sheet,
just goes to show you should always tick that reserve box….

This team knows how to organise a #roadr


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