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Ride with....Muckle CC

Sunday 11th November 2018
Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne

On Sunday 11 th November, Simon Warren of 100 climbs fame braved the North East elements and
met up with 30 muckles on the Quayside, to ride out and over Prospect Hill. This was part of the
‘Ride with….’ Feature in cycling weekly to showcase our club to a wider audience.

MuckleCC 11.jpg
MuckleCC 139.jpg

The temperature was in single digits but the mood was good as we set off along the scotswood road and within about 2 miles, an exploding tyre stopped play. After a brief stop, we continued on, Simon had brought a photographer along to capture the ride as it happened so we knew when a photo was going to be taken as Lee and Adam would hit the front.

We were still a group as we hit the bottom of Prospect Hill in Corbridge and started to ride up at a steady pace, as usual, some of the lads can’t help themselves so the steady pace soon evaporated as people went after the break. Once everyone was up the hill we descended off Prospect and enjoyed the rolling route around Northumberland.

MuckleCC 232.jpg
MuckleCC 242.jpg

As the café stop at Pedalling Squares loomed, the ride exploded from a sedate group ride into a the classic race for the café. It was full gas as we descended down and through ??? and a perfect time to show what the club is about to Simon who gainfully got in the mix. 

At Squares, we refueled and had a chat with Simon about the origins of the club and our plans for the future. A few weeks later the article was featured in Cycling Weekly and sadly I think the last time the feature will be part of the magazine, might as well go out on a high eh....

MuckleCC 92.jpg
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