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MCC was founded in 2015 by local riders with similar interests with the desire to seek out new roads and hills to explore. From those humble beginnings a short space of time ago we've now got a club of over 100 riders from across the North East with a highly competitive race team. 


Our club is for experienced road cyclists who want to progress within the race scene and who want to ride hilly and often challenging routes. As well as just riding in club colours we expect members to contribute to the club in someway over the year either in a volunteering capacity or leading a ride. We love it when our members are proud of riding for and being part of MCC - the club has a great team mentality this is something that we would like to build on each year moving forward!

If you would like to apply to join then please get in touch - we expect prospective members to join 2 or 3 rides first before we accept membership requests.


MCC aims are:

* To promote and enjoy hill riding and road racing

* Welcome experienced riders who want to progress and be part of a team

* To promote the club and expand its membership to like minded riders

* Develop our race team and continue to progress on the local and national race scene



Muckle Membership

If you're interested in joining MCC, why not come along on a ride or two with us? Please note we only accept new 1st Claim Membership only. Get in touch below.


Muckle Events

We don't just ride and race, we also organise races.

Here is what we have done so far.

Mens RR -May 17 

Womens RR- May 18